Happiness & Art

What makes you happy? Take a moment and think of something that makes you smile. It might be a fond memory, someone you love, one of your favourite songs or maybe even when you decide to pick up a pencil and start to draw. Happiness can mean different things to different people but what remains universal is the sense of calm that washes over our bodies and the smile that appears on our face.


Sometimes happiness can arise in the most unexpected ways, for some who never had a talent or interest in art it can show up in the simple form of a colouring in book. Shading in between the lines, selecting from a rainbow of colours can almost act like a detox, it makes you forget your surroundings. Some people like to go to the gym and work up a sweat to take their mind off things, for me drawing is a destressifier.  Nothing says a good drawing session better than finding the side of your palms covered in black led or paint on your clothes.


Sometimes we see how commercialising artwork can remove the integrity of what it is to be an artist, some conform their styles to the norm in hopes to get more likes or followers, others just forget how complex art is and think drawing a couple of coloured strokes on a canvas makes it abstract.

However, what about those who genuinely love and appreciate art but just cant seem to perfect it to the way they’d like? Drawing books have brought art and commercial platforms together in an ethical and true manner which seeks to spread the joys of creative skill to those whom it naturally doesn’t form.

Art is meant to be enjoyed by all and is not limited in who can create a masterpiece; drawing books are now no longer limited to a younger age group as we see the rising popularity of Mandala drawing books such as “Secret Garden”.


A poll we conducted revealed 70% wouldn’t mind having a drawing book either, what are your opinons on this new age, artistic detoxifier?

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Written by Stephanie Lara


8 thoughts on “Happiness & Art

  1. I think this is wonderful. We all need something to help us take our mind off the rest of the world. Just for a few moments, we can take a pen and a notebook and just doodle. It makes me think back to high-school, where all of my History and Maths notebooks had little drawings all around them. We never think much of them at the time, but we do it because it’s therapeutic and helps clear our minds.


  2. I have not personally tried these new adult colouring books but I would greatly love to try it out some day. I was never much of a drawer unfortunately but I always had a small sense of peace and euphoria when in the moment.


  3. Awesome article, my mum has one of these and she can’t stop talking about it! She says she uses it to relax and get her mind off things.


  4. I completely agree with your statement that art has become commercialised in today’s society, and in some ways I find it less effective in as it loses is sense of ‘integrity’, as you called it here.

    Although, regardless of that fact, through the introduction and popularisation of these adult drawing books they enable individuals to partake creatively through this form of art regardless of their ability to draw or sketch professionally. I mean having said that art is completely subjective and expressive, however in this respect of the adult drawing book, those who don’t have the confidence or desire to draw may still find enjoyment with colouring in.
    In a way it invokes individuals inner child, as they partake in the action of colouring in once more since being a child.
    Perhaps this is why people find it so relaxing and distressing, not only because they regain a child like sense again but also the fact that not much concentrating is performed and the individual has the freedom to choose the colours or patterns to portray.
    Because we live in such a chaotic and fast paced world, it becomes therapeutic for the adult to find their own peace to detract from society and be lost in their thoughts.
    Therefore I encourage those who find the book helpful, to continue
    in doing so because it enables self expression, escapism and ultimately enjoyment.
    Very good article.
    I found it very information and accurate.


  5. As someone who leads a very hectic life in the accounting profession I would likely benefit greatly from a de-stressing activity like a drawing in a drawing book


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