MASTERPIECE #23 – Taylor Daniel


It take a great artist to make a plain canvas into a masterpiece; nowadays, artists don’t even need said canvas to create artwork. Modern day technology developments have given birth to digital art and photography that has the ability to capture moments or create the fantasies we never thought were possible.

12066048_454899931359560_1890112950303656400_n   12108789_454899918026228_2338943489766362363_n

Certain artists are known for sticking to a certain colour platte may that be warm tones, monochromatic schemes or cool tones; in many cases this may be because it is within their comfort zone or they feel they can experiment sufficiently within a certain colour sphere or even sometimes because they may think too much colour is overpowering. Taylor Daniel’s work not only is exceptionally vibrant, his work is also not limited in form, tone or symbolism. Truly his works are breathtaking, his skill in art, photography and photoshop come together perfectly in every artwork to make beautiful masterpieces that are visually engaging and promote the process of thinking to understand the symbolic message he aims to portray.


I have never seen an artist quite like Taylor who approaches this style of artwork in the manner he has; he doesn’t choose to focus on one single theme such as nature, humans or civilisation- he choses to combine them all. His clean, professional and sophisticated looking artworks immediate a sense of awe, nostalgia and beauty; he extrapolates the beauty in each element of his artwork to come together and compliment the other forms for example- a human or animal silhouette with the finer details of flowers or leaves.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.31.43 am  Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.31.32 am

Without a doubt, Taylor is one of my favourite finds l’ve had for this campaign; his ability to bring more life into an already “living” subject inspires me and makes me extremely excited about the direction art is taking or can take. His innovative and creative approach to portraiture artwork is unique; he does no limit himself in colour, element or subject which makes him an extremely skilled artist, one whom l have no doubt will continue to develop and inspire many artists to push the boundaries.

To see more of Taylor Daniels brilliant work, take a look here –

Written by Stephanie Lara


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