ARTIST #22 – Robert Dean


For many years, the predominant form of art creations included the human and this theme of “human depiction” continues today; however the difference from now and then is that, we have artists like Robert Dean who push past the traditional form presentation- he moves the boundaries and trains the human eye into recognising the human form in different (non-solid) ways. His trademark use of watercolours and mix-mediums already strays from the norm of oil or acrylic on canvas, and in doing so has been able to create artworks that showcase a new approach/perspective to take when looking at the human portrait.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.12.44 pm     12072752_454613108054909_7332310103327858735_n

His experimentation with enhancing (statement) human features such as the eyes, lips or mouth allow for those elements to become the emotive centre-pieces; the eyes telling the story the artist wants to say, for example. His use of gentle strokes, seamless colour blending to create an almost washed colour effect make his works feel nostalgic, calming and mysterious. He demonstrates depth, creativity and skill in his online portfolio, his unique style stands out.

In Roberts work we see how each and every line he puts down onto the paper plays a part into how the art piece comes together- almost like a puzzle. What may seem like a random assertion of lines actually is what is helping the viewer to understand the details in the model presented; while the lines may not be perfect, round or square to form a human face, this is what makes it all the more powerful = because it gives the position of power the viewer- it lets them decide what they want to see in the work- the ambiguity of it all is extremely engaging.

12115551_454613124721574_7704557645096962453_n    12107084_454613081388245_1553489360512546097_n

Robert shows immense skill and love for his artwork through his detailed, refined and constant uploads he post to both his website and online social media accounts; every time he posts a new artwork, l can’t wait to see what he creates next. His art is beautiful and it can stimulate real emotions within us. Take a look at his Instagram, you’ll know what l mean –

Written by Stephanie Lara


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