ARTIST #21- Elia Colombo


Moving forward into the modern age has allowed for humans to express themselves in more ways than ever before; both genders can express themselves freely, all nationalities respected equally. Art is the form in which all nations can come together, where both sexes can collaborate and all age groups share their work with one another.

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Elia Colombo presents a fresh take on artwork that is laced with satire that makes each and every piece she create a visual presentation into the socio-political world she is surrounded with. She showcases that the way we see the world can be presented in unique, creative ways- that sometimes pictures are more powerful than words. The constant experimentation she does with colour, lines, text and semi-realistic figures demonstrates the immense level of skill she has, but more so her determination to not limit herself into one “bracket” of graphic design/art. Her work, to me, is truly engaging.


Elia’s artwork demonstrates a high level of execution through her clean lines, effective use of shading, beautiful typography and vibrant correlating-colour-schemes. Her artwork can be marketed towards a broad age group, which allows for the messages driving the artwork to be that more powerful as it can be understood an interpreted by bother the young and elderly. Her artistic style is truly evident when you look through her online portfolio and it comes together to make quite a positive impression- she knows whats she doing, she knows how to execute great masterpieces.

I adore Elia’s work and l think if you take a closer look at her online portfolio, you’ll fall in love with it too;

Written by Stephanie Lara


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