Often the purpose of a program, interface or communication network falls away due to the users; this meaning, Instagram was created with the intention of sharing unique individual experiences with the broader public, but its fallen into the hand of the users to have created the trends that are most popular.


As we saw yesterday in our interview with Eric, it is clear that Instagram has opened doors to many aspiring artists and young designers; but we also see how reaching this “famous” blogger/account is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. This viewpoint is shared with our interviewee of the day, Jeffrey, who runs the amazing Instagram blog “z.effrey”. His humble and polite demeanor made for an enjoyable interview which from, we are able to get a fresh and insightful take on his opinions and feelings towards artists on social media platforms.


When l first met Jeff, l immediately saw that he had style and class; his trade mark long coat, slicked back hair and classy men’s shoes reflected a sense of professionalism and sophistication that accompanies an individual who knows the creative industry well. His minimal and clean aesthetic photos, liaised with a warm colour palette have captured the hearts of over 18 thousand followers!


How has social media changed your design aesthetic?
My design aesthetic is continuously evolving. Social media has definitely changed my design aesthetic. I follow so many talented Instagrammers out there and it’s hard not to gain inspiration from their work. However, I also found that it’s important to have a unique perspective and to maintain a style that is representative of you.

So Jeff, how do you feel when you don’t get many like on a photo? Do you delete it and post another?
I used to care about likes for my photos. Now it doesn’t bother me. I tend to know before I post whether my photo will do well or not. I don’t delete it. I always think about how I can improve for my next one.

And then how do you feel when you get lots of likes? Does it make you want to share your designs/pictures more?
Nowadays, I care mostly about the users that comment on my photos. I care whether they like it or not. I love it when they compliment my photos as it makes me want to create more and experiment with more styles. It makes me work harder.


Do you think social media helps striving arts to get out there and make a living? If so how/how not?
Definitely. Artists now have the ability to reach out to people from all over the world and to connect to like-minded people. I believe social media will become one of the main platforms in the future for artists to make a living as more people are now joining social media platforms. 

Finally, do you think social media has become a problem for the arts industry? If not, explain.
No, I don’t feel like it has become a problem. I feel like it has allowed many unknown artists the platform to share their work with the world and become noticed for it. It has given many the ability to build a career because of social media. I’ve seen many artists like photographers and painters sell their prints on Instagram, so that itself indicates to me that social media is a blessing to the arts industry.


When we hashtag we stick to a certain grouping of names we know which will receive most traffic as it is the easiest way sometimes to reach a broader market when we don’t have a large follower base.

Would you classify the #hashtag to be a marketing tool for social media?

To see more of Jeffrey’s instagram account, click here –

Written by Stephanie Lara



  1. Great blog! Love hearing from the mind of an artist and their views on social media and how it is truly affecting artists in a good way! The idea about connecting with people with like minded ideas over say Instagram is so interesting as its something I’ve never really considered.


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