MASTERPIECE #20- Josefine Mørch


The younger generations sometimes have the tendency to lean towards liking or trying to recreate a form of artwork which is more clean, traditional and understandable to the eye despite the fact that in recent years our world has moved towards a greater sense of acceptance and appreciation for different things. This too includes abstract artwork.

Abstract, contemporary artwork has had increased traffic headed towards it as slowly more people experiment with different forms and tools to create unique art pieces. These abstract artists remove that fear of acceptance from a wider public and choose to focus on themselves, their art and their message.

Josefine at the young age of 18 has chosen to create abstract artworks that are so incredibly unique that they, in my opinion, stand out from the rest due to the fact that they look so different (in a good way). She is not limited in the tools she uses or the colours she works with; ranging from paint to one to pencil, from canvas to paper, brightly coloured to classic monochromatic Josefine has done it.

To see someone so young creating such creative and emotive artworks is exciting to say the least; it showcases the direction our artist society can take, that we can infact have appreciation for a wider range of artworks than just the standard portrait. My favourite element of her work is her use of texture, as seen in this articles showcased pictures; she cleverly creates a sense of a 3rd dimension that is both elegant and mesmerizing. Truly emotive and powerful to see, lm excited to see what other masterpieces Josefine creates.

See more here –



Written by Stephanie Lara


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