This featured artist goes by the name Lucy and boy let me tell you is her work impressionable! Bringing together the concepts of life and death, she has mastered the practice of photo-realism drawing. The sheer amount of detail that is displayed in her artwork is incredible and often had me double-checking the photos to “make sure” they were indeed drawings- they look so realistic! This process of creation is documented throughout her social media accounts where she regularly posts images of her works in progress; not only does this allow her to take a creative journey with her followers but it shows the public (and more closely her fan base) the scale and grandeur of her artworks.

It is fascinating to see how she has combined traditional tools with modern themes i.e. she uses graphite and charcoal to create a very new age style of art. Her work, particularly her showcased pieces of skulls, resonates with me the tattoo style that is very well known. So much so that she has actually had individuals tattoo her work on their bodies; not only is this a compliment but it shows the belief and faith people have in Lucy as a creative artist.

Tattoo work is difficult to say the least because every client wants something original, unique and meaningful to them; this artists displays that creativity that pushes other artists to pass the boundaries they involuntarily put up around themselves.

Lucy continues to experiment with the human form, colours and shading and continues to show development in her artwork through immaculate portraiture recreations; she doesn’t show signs of stopping- having the “drive” being very crucial to the success of an artist in terms of longevity. I have no doubt we will all hear many things from Lucy and her artwork in the future.
Check out her instagram account for more stunning pictures –




Written by Stephanie Lara


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