The phenomenon of blogging has taken rise in most recent years due the need our younger generations has for constant communication and integration into the latest “news feed”. 10 years ago the concept of making a living off a blog seemed incomprehensible, not feasible however, since Instagram was launched in 2010 the game has changed. In an age where everyone has a mobile phone, photos are now constantly being posted and shared online; Instagram has now become a platform through which creative individuals can showcase their work and collaborate together to make newsfeeds a constant source of inspiration and admiration.

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Funnily enough, the first time l heard of Eric was through a mutual friend who said “have you seen his Instagram? his photos are on point!”  His trademark modern, monochromatic style and depictions of modern architecture has seen his page reach well over 2000 likes. l was luckily enough to score an interview with Eric where l was able to get some insight into this increasingly popular creative outlet (#insta) and see his opinions about the impact social media has on designers and aspiring artists.

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Has it /How has social media changed your design aesthetic?
I guess I find new influences on social media and that effectively influences my presentation and aesthetic.


So would you say you feel pressured into presenting your photos in a certain way?
Since people started to pay attention to the aesthetic that I already have established, there is some pressure in maintaining that, but I definitely like trying new things regardless of the response. 
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Do you think it would be hard to make a living off a blog on social media (as being in the creative industry)?
Its definitely hard, especially with so many trying to break into it, but when you do, you really reap the rewards. 
So then how do you think social media helps striving arts to get out there and make a living? 
Social media is definitely opening up doors to designers and artists to more mainstream media and publications. The exposure definitely gets jobs but in saying this, theres also the added pressure to come up with something different and out of the box. 
Finally, do you think social media has become a problem for the arts industry? 
I think social media is benefiting the arts industry but it can also make and break careers, works, exhibitions. etc. Social media enhances what ever is already out there. Hype can be enhanced and criticism and scandal is also amplified?
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Getting this valuable social media insight from Eric helps us understand more closely the growing concern that artists are increasingly commercializing their work to become more marketable instead of staying true to form. Here we see the perspective that instagram indeed does help artist get there work out there but that it is a difficult task to make a living out of it.

The question remains, what are the individual artist that aren’t happy with the (lack of) recognition they receive going to do about this?

What do you think they should do?

I think no one should ever give up, after all art isn’t about how many likes you get or followers you have- if you are proud of your work, if you are happy with it then that’s all that matters. At the end of the day we are own toughest critics.

To see more of Eric’s Instagram post, visit –


Written by Stephanie Lara


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