One of the most powerful things about social media and visual streamers like Instagram is the ability it has to allow for pictures to speak when words are absent. Pictures can paint 100 words but we find that artworks are most powerful when they are able to show a message in a simple combination of lines and shapes. Nastya’s elegant works act as one, her visual portfolio incredibly impressive so much so that the emotions she draws into her work leaves the audience wanting to see more. Her selective choice to focus on the female form and integrate it with more feminine objects (such as flowers or pastel statement colours) highlights her in depth understanding in design, photography composition and popular pop culture-style.

Her portraiture artworks interestingly take center focus on the facial feature such as the eyes, nose and lips where as other elements such as the neck, hands and shoulders are given a washed out effect. This creates a sensual, delicate feeling to all her work, which when looking all them all together are consistent in form and high level of creation output. This means to say that Nastya’s work is very much a representation of herself and she has not conformed her artistic style or changed her presentation format from the beginning. Interestingly one can see how Nastya’s work comes under the umbrella of art forms that we see more and more artists trying to mimic in their own work. This can be taken both as a compliment and a negative as this increase popularity of artistic style can have the potential the overrun the unique elements Nastya so greatly has made her own.

One of my favourite elements of all of Nastya’s drawings are the personal identifiers she goes out of her way include in each of her drawings; for example, freckles on the nose, a different form in the eye, a scar or beauty spot- she keeps it all pure and true to the form of the model she is trying to reproduce on paper; it sends a beautiful message of acceptance, female appreciation and promotion of individuality.

Here we can ask the question, how far can we take inspiration from someone else’s work? Inspiration can allow us to become motivated to try better but also can lead us to be envious which we all know can grow into a negative outcome. Where do we create the balance? I believe the rich tapestry of artworks that we see online on Instagram, for example in Nastya’s work acts a form of personal expression, that is what we must remind ourselves- like we are individuals, we are all different and unique and we should try find a way of artistic expression that tailors us best, not one which we think is prettiest or the nicest or even one which can gain us most followers. Art is not about that, art is about being true to one’s self.

To see more of Nastya’s beautiful work, please go to her account her –

Screenshot_2015-10-05-11-46-35_1  Screenshot_2015-10-05-11-47-23_1


Written by Stephanie Lara


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